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FLOWSYS® - Trainings

Real Time Solutions of America Inc. offers all FLOWSYS users or interested people training where they can get all basic and advanced information about FLOWSYS.

Closed trainings In-House are at the customer site and are the most convenient for all persons concerned. The trainings are On-site and working therefore on base of all equipment installed already.

The advantage of this kind of training's is that everybody works in his normal working environmental and the training can get really into very customer specialty, because it based on the existing equipment.

Prerequisite is that all the equipment is already installed, up and running. Under all the equipement we understand:

  • the presses are up and running under almost production conditions
  • the FLOWSYS DCS-Consoles at the press
  • the FLOWSYS Network
  • the FLOWSYS DPSS-Server
  • and the FLOWSYS MMS-PC's (management Monitor System)


Available trainings are:

MA-0 Management training
OP-1 Operator's basic training
OP-2 Operator's advanced training
MC-1 Press maintenance crew training
SA-1 System administrator training - Shop floor basics
SA-2 System administrator training - Server basics
SA-3 System administrator training - FLOWSYS monitor PC setup training
SA-REP 1&2 System administrator training - On-site repeator
SAP-1 System administrator training - Database programmers
SAP-2 System administrator training - Console programmers
PRE-SA System administrator pre-trainings



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