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FLOWSYS® training description


MA-0 Management training


The management of a printing plant is those who reap the most benefits out of the existance of FLOWSYS. That's why we dedicated a special training for them, which provides a very fast overview what they can expect to get out of the system.

The training starts with an overview, as any other course, but doesn't get in any technical details. And from there it goes straight into the most consolidated data form: the programs dwh_tracker and dwh_pms. You learn to use both programs almost in a minute and they give you the best overview.

The second part of this management consolidation goes a one step deeper into the data tree of your printing plant. It shows you how you can get statistics quick and easy by yourselve, or how you know where your presses have the most troubles with. You get it out, almost with one mouseclick.

The last part of the training gets then really to the point: A discussion with the producers of FLOWSYS and all the background knownledgment they have and a question / answer conversation.


System overview

How to use the management tools:

  • FLOWSYS reports
  • FLOWSYS plant monitoring

Also overview about the programs:

  • FLOWSYS statistic
  • FLOWSYS press information
  • FLOWSYS service tool

Discussion and backgrounds


After this get-together between your management and the developers of FLOWSYS you will know:

  • How to get data fast out of the system
  • What data you can expect to get.
  • Where are the borders of your system.
  • Where you get more out of it.


All managers who have to manage a printing plan according to the data they get.


This training is more a kind of get-together as strict training lessons. We make allowances to organize these get-togethers to your needs, because we know how busy you are.


1 day (if it is done at a glance, max. class size 5 persons)


For further and deeper insterests of managers we recommand system administrator trainings

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