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FLOWSYS® training description


SAP-1 System administrator database programmers


The existence of well-trained system administrator is the key to have a satisfying FLOWSYS installation. This training here is special for the system administrators and to show them the inside of the system. As a matter of course we expect the system administrators to be part of all other training too, so we don't have to repeat the user's basic's here too.


  • The database tables
  • Which table is a real press dependent and press owned table and which are just view's to tables shared by more then one press
  • The data dictionaries of the FLOWSYS database
  • Exact description of each data fields
  • Explaination when datafields get entered by the press console and how
  • How to customize the dwh_server2000 menus
  • ODBC connections to the database


The system administrator:

  • Can access the database from customer applications
  • Can create MSAccess applications by accessing data from the FLOWSYS database
  • Is able to create MSExcel applications based on FLOWSYS data
  • Is able to help users to get customized and special reports


System administrators should have some basic knowledge before visiting a system administrator training. A special documentation is available about pre-conditions.


The lessons are based in a classroom, where details are explained and will be alsoon customer PC's with a connection to the FLOWSYS network.



3 days. A group should not consist of more than 3 people.


Before having this training the system administrator should be trained for the FLOWSYS shop floor and the FLOWSYS server functionalities.

For system programmer how want to add customized function at console there is a special traing for them.

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