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FLOWSYS® training description


SA-3 System administrator monitor setups


The existence of well-trained system administrator is the key to have a satisfying FLOWSYS installation.

This training here is special for the system administrators how have to setup FLOWSYS monitoring PC's at the management.


  • The FLOWSYS MMS PC (Management Monitoring PC)
  • Setup a FLOWSYS MMS PC
  • Working with the applications normally installed on
    • dwh_pms
    • dwh_statistic
    • dwh_info
    • dwh_service


The system administrator:

  • Is able to setup such a MMS PC
  • Can explain the programs running on such MMS-PC


System administrators who have also the system administrator basic trainings


The lessons are based in a classroom, where details are explained and will be alsoon customer PC's with a connection to the FLOWSYS network.



2 days (max. class size 3 persons)


Very important is also the system administrator training for the FLOWSYS shop floor functionalities.

There are more trainings specially when system administrator are also responsible to program customer specific solutions and reports.

Most important is also the deepening of knownledge.

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