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FLOWSYS® training description

Pre - requisites for a FLOWSYS system administrator

1. General prerequisites

  • in order to be able to give support during the warranty period, the customer must have at least one system administrator on-site at all times.
  • a FlowSys system administrator has to have the described skills (see below) before being trained by RTS.
  • a system administrator must be available to RTS at all times during (normal customer working hours) via phone and e-mail.
  • the customer has to provide a modem connection (telephone number) that allows RTS to connect and login into all FlowSys computers at the site via remote connection.
  • the system administration on the customer site is responsible:
    • to keep all documentation and CD-ROMs in a safe place and provide it to RTS on request on-site
    • to help the users (e.g. press operators) with finger troubles
    • provide the modem connection to RTS on request by RTS when remote diagnostics or program updates are necessary
  • after the FlowSys training the system administration on the customer site MUST be able to:
    • reinstall a complete FlowSys DCS computer without RTS assistance
    • fully understand and maintain all adjustable system parameters in WindowsNT, MS Office and FlowSys
    • make 'qualified' error reports when unexpected events happen or the system seems to behave erroneous
    • prepare reports for the management
  • the system administration on the customer site MUST be able to communicate in English

2. Previous experience / training

  • good experience (or a very good training, but experience is always better) with the Windows NT 4.0 operating system but not as programmer but as a system administrator (e.g. knowledge of the different configuration settings and their parameters). The person should be able to configure Windows NT users, maintain disk programs, data files and disk space, to do system backups etc.
  • good experience or training with the network protocol TCP/IP to be able to reconfigure the FlowSys computers in case there is the need to change the TCP/IP addresses. On the other hand this knowledge is also required to be able to configure management PCs into the system because these also communicate with FlowSys ORACLE database via the TCP/IP protocol.
  • good knowledge (not necessarily experience, but a good understanding which can come also from a good training) of the Oracle database. Here we also do not need programming knowledge but system administrator knowledge. We are currently running Oracle version 8.0.
  • experience with the ORACLE SQL query language. I guess just a training without any experience is in this case not enough. The person can get her/his experience also on the job, but then she/he will (in my opinion) need a couple of month (3 to 6 months) before she/he is able to understand what we teach in our training.
  • experience or training with the Microsoft products MS Word, MS Excel and MS Visual Basic. The person should have experience with Windows 95/NT. We use currently MS Office 97 that has MS Word and MS Excel and the required Macro (Visual Basic) programming language included.

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