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FLOWSYS® training description


OP-1 Operator's basic training


The operator does first have to learn with what they are dealing here. Therefore the "Operator's basic training" gives them the overview of the system, shows them the hardware they are working with, how to operate it, start the system, stop it, shows them the screens and makes the pressmen comfortable with the system..


  • What is this: FLOWSYS?
  • How FLOWSYS will influence my live here at the press?
  • Which peripherals I will work with?
  • How I handle these peripherals?
  • How to switch on / switch off?
  • What shows the main-screen?
  • Most used sub-screens.
  • How to handle these screens.


After this training the pressmen are able to:

  • Understand the interdependence of FLOWSYS
  • They can switch on / switch off the system
  • They are able to handle all peripherals
  • They are able to log in and off
  • They understand which rights they having at the press, regarding who is logged in
  • Know the most used screens of FLOWSYS
  • Create an new load, start it at the press, handle a end-of-load
  • Take a recent used load from the database, or interrupt a load at the shift-end
  • Get a online overview over all active press-faults
  • Get a press-fault history fast accessible from the real time database


This training is thought for all pressmen coming in touch the first time with FLOWSYS.


The lessons are starting in a classroom to show the overview. Afterwards the group moves to the press to show all hardware peripherals and to learn to handle the system located at their press. After they learned the basic's at FLOWSYS we are running production's together with FLOWSYS to see how it works.



1 day (max. class size 5 persons)


There are several more functions in the console program, which the operators should learn after they got already used to the basics.

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