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FLOWSYS® training description


MC-1 Training for the press maintenance crew


The maintenance crew should very well know FLOWSYS, as the leading preventive maintenance tool for the presses. It is very important to know the condition of a press, but as well also a history of occurrences since the last maintenance was done. Conclusions from the past always help to prevent loss of valuable production time in the future. That's why the maintenance crew should know all FLOWSYS tools very well.

The training starts with an overview about the system, all interdependence of FLOWSYS, give the maintenance crew also a look how to handle the console, but at least goes to the analyzing part and tools FLOWSYS is offering.

Main point of course is the FLOWSYS service tool for planing the maintenance.


  • Overview of the FLOWSYS system
  • How to handle the console
  • How to get online statistics about the errors at the press
  • How to analyze what was going at the presses in the last 60 days
  • How to get knowledge about usage and consumption
  • How to monitor all presses of the FLOWSYS network in a glance
  • Planning maintenance in FLOWSYS


The maintenance crew is able:

  • After the training the maintenance crew knows better to tell what is or what was going on at the press as anybody else (and that's how it's supposed to be).
  • Are able to enter their maintenance plan and getting back impact accurate when a maintaining should be done


This training is mainly for the presses maintenance crew, but is also very helpful for any pressmen who wants to get more involved in maintenance the presses


The lessons are starting in a classroom to show the overview. Afterwards the group moves to the press to show all hardware peripherals and to learn to handle the system located at their press. After they learned the basic's at FLOWSYS we are running production's together with FLOWSYS to see how it works


1 day (max. class size 5 persons)


For further and deeper insterests of the maintenance crew we recommand system administrator trainings

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