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FLOWSYS® training description


OP-2 Operator's advanced training


After the pressmen are experienced with FLOWSYS, the "Operator's advanced training" shows them continuous handling methods to getting out the best of the system. Learns the pressmen to look behind the sciences, analyze what was going on at their press, handle the used equipment and fulfill organization requirements.

To analyze the customer organization requirements the trainer needs to get together with the system administrator(s) before helding this training.


  • Supervising equipment usage and consumption
  • Handling production parameters
  • Changing shifts Handling reports (load- and shift reports)
  • Get statistics about certain time periods
  • Exact history what was going on at FLOWSYS, at the press, on both for the last 60 days


After this training the pressmen are able to:

  • Are able to manage production reports
  • Take care about all materials used in the production process
  • Read the history of used equipment
  • Can guide preventive maintenance measures for the press
  • Know the reports to read and produce more management reports by knowing the accessable data


The training is for all pressmen how worked already with FLOWSYS, but are willing to learn more responsibilities at the press..


The training will be held at the presses. Running presses is a requirement to get online-data. The trainer needs one day extra together with the customer system administrator(s) to preparing customer oriented material.

A group should not consist of more than 6 people.


1 day (max. class size 5 persons)


The FLOWSYS Academy offers a lot of more trainings for operators how want to grow more on the usage of the full system.

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