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FLOWSYS® training description


SAP-2 System administrator console programmers


The existence of well-trained system administrator is the key to have a satisfying FLOWSYS installation. This training here is special for the system administrators to show them the inside of the system.

This special training put a goal to system adminstrator who want to be able to program special data acquisition routines on specific press events at the console.

This is already the highest level a ssytem administrator can get to be able to do this.


  • Monitor the FLOWSYS processes
  • How all these modules work together on the console
  • Elements of the FLOWSYS programming language: PL
  • How to trigger on press-events
  • Customer PL interface
  • Contents of the FLOWSYS database
  • Interfaces on the console to the FLOWSYS database


The system administrator:

  • Add customer specific PL add-ons to the main-program at the console


System administrators should have already at least 3 months on experience to run FLOWSYS at his site.


The lessons are based in a classroom, where details are explained and will be alsoat the press and the console to test programs. Make sure you having a developers licence in order to change programs.



10 days. A group should not consist of more than 2 people.


Before having this training the system administrator should be trained for the FLOWSYS shop floor and the FLOWSYS server functionalities.

Ther is also a programmers training for FLOWSYS database programmers.

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