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FLOWSYS® Standard Modules

FLOWSYS® offers a wide range of modules, which cover tasks from basic data collection at the press to complex data-mining tools for managers.


The system contains a separate workstation for each press. This workstation is called the DCS (Data Collecting System). A central database management system can be installed as server, called the DPSS (Data and Production Storage System). However in a "stand alone" configuration the database resides on the DCS workstation. All together it is called the DATAWAREHOUSE.


The program DWH_INFO lets you search the DWH database for Press and DCS messages in a quick and efficient manner. You may select the Press or DCS message types you want to search for, and the time when these messages have occurred. Additionally you may enter parameters for the messages to narrow your selection. Once you have a list of results, you can search quickly for similar messages, or for other types of messages in the same range of time.


With the aid of this program you will be able to generate and analyze statistical data about the production process very easily. It supports different aspect of the work, and in each of these fields you can analyze the data according to a timeframe and other parameters.


This maintenance program is a little tool that helps to keep track of the press maintenance. It's very easy to use and has not too many elements you have to care for.


The FLOWSYS Production Monitoring System is a graphical overview about the production. From every PC in the network which has the authorization you can see:

  • Every presses connected to FLOWSYS,
  • Watch what they are doing right now and
  • What they were doing in the past


Server2000 provides the user with access to the most commonly used tables on the DPSS server. In the Server2000 application the user can inspect, add, modify and delete data in these tables through an easy to use interface.


The FLOWSYS Backup Tools are a toolbox for backing up the whole system.




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