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FLOWSYS® Description: INFO


The FLOWSYS Information Tool


The program DWH_INFO lets you search the DWH database for Press and DCS messages in a quick and efficient manner. You may select the Press or DCS message types you want to search for, and the time when these messages have occurred. Additionally you may enter parameters for the messages to narrow your selection. Once you have a list of results, you can search quickly for similar messages, or for other types of messages in the same range of time.


The main view of the program: Most of the time you will work there, and it is in this mode, when the program starts. The boxes in the picture above describe the most important areas of the window.

They are:

  1. The message type selection. In these two list boxes you select the message types you want to search for. See chapter 2.1 for a close explanation of this area
  2. The time selection. You can select the range of time, which interests you, here. There are two possible ways of selecting the timeframe. How to use them is described in chapter 2.2
  3. The parameter selection area. Here you can specify up to ten parameters to narrow your selection. Which are available differs for different messages. This area is described in chapter 2.3
  4. The results. This list displays the results of the current query. You can print this list, and it can be used to quickly search for similar messages. See chapter 2.4 for details

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