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FLOWSYS® Description: Service


The FLOWSYS Service Tool


This maintenance program is a little tool that helps to keep track of the press maintenance. It's very easy to use and has not too many elements you have to care for.


A short description:

  • You got some presses.
  • Each of these presses has certain elements.
  • For each of these elements you tell the maintenance tool, what you should do to it and how often it should be done.
  • You choose between:
    Time-periods ("do this every 1,000 hours") runtime - time where the press is normally running.
    Or Impacts ("do this every 8,000,000 impacts") for the impressions.
    Or both: "do it every 1,000,000 sheets, but at least every 5 days"
  • We call this the service-schedule. "What has to be done, how often"
  • Dwh_service will now decide when something should be done. And gives you the answer right away. Because who knows better than us, how many impacts the press did on average in the last time and can carry it forward to the future.
  • Dwh_service also keeps track about what you have done in a logbook.
  • Repairs influence the maintenance service time - so we also keep track about them as well in the logbook.
  • And there is a possibility to download this service-schedule. Use the knowledge of others.

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