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FLOWSYS® Description: Backup Tools


The FLOWSYS Backup Tools


The FLOWSYS Backup Tools are a toolbox for back up the whole system. There are two major parts of the backup toolbox available:

  1. A System Backup, which is for administrator users and
  2. Oracle data backup tools, which allow the end-user / or the system administrator to set up a backup of the data in the database.


A short description:

  • DWH_BACKUP and DWH_RESTORE are tools to handle the backup and restore of ORACLE data
  • DWH_BACKUP does the full database backup, while DWH_RESTORE enables the user to restore the data from a backup dump-file into the ORACLE database
  • There are two different kinds of backup routines available:
    • To start a backup right away (right now)
    • To schedule the backup for the Whole week (Scheduler)
  • The RESTORE command lets you pick:
    • A certain backup-file (from the directory C:\dwh_backup\database on the disk OR from a CD-ROM drive) and
    • Choose the database user, which should be restored

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