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FLOWSYS® Description: DCS


The FLOWSYS console DCS


The system contains a separate workstation for each press. This workstation is called the DCS (Data Collecting System). A central database management system can be installed as server, called the DPSS (Data and Production Storage System). However in a "stand alone" configuration the database resides on the DCS workstation. All together it is called the DATAWAREHOUSE.


These are the most important functions for DATAWAREHOUSE:

Collecting machine data (Data logging)
Collecting error information (Error logging)
Identifying users with different authorizations
Production orientated definition / creation / identification of loads
Collection of machine counters depending on a load (Accountability)
Identification of machine parameters and equipment
Possibility to name down times by craft or user codes
Calculation of run time and productivity for each press
Maintenance management subsystem
Preventive maintenance management system

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