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FLOWSYS® Description: Server2000


The FLOWSYS server application Server2000


The DPSS serves as a central database and fileserver. Therefore all DCS and MMS stations have access to the DPSS data. The DPSS provides no direct coupling to the process, rather the data is received solely via the DCS or MMS stations, but it is connected to every DCS and MMS station. The whole production data is stored in the database of DWH-Server.
The most of the time the DWH-Server does not need any interaction or attention by a user or operator, but takes the most important functionality's, configurations of system and presentation of whole data objects.

At installation time the whole collection data system has to configured for the special needs of your printing plant. During operations only a few operations tasks may be necessary. In any case all operations tasks are at user or operator disposal.

The basic database management system of the DWH-Server is ORACLE . The most of the historic data is stored directly in ORACLE. The most of configurations and process data is stored in the real time database of real time architecture. The real time architecture mirrors the real time database automatically to ORACLE. That means nearly the complete database can be retrieved through ORACLE and no data can be lost during system failure.



These are the most important functions for DATAWAREHOUSE:

Server2000 provides the user with acces to the most commonly used tables on the DPSS server. In the Server2000 application the user can inspect, add, modify and delete data in these tables through an easy to use interface.
The application is written in Microsoft Access and provides all standard Microsoft Access features to the user. Therefore it is necessary that the user has at least basic understanding of Microsoft Access. Discussion of Microsoft Access usage is NOT topic of this documentation.

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