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FLOWSYS™ - RTS customized solutions with FLOWSYS

RTS offers the following solutions for download to customers who want to go beyond the basic FLOWSYS functions.

The solutions can be tailored to match customer specific needs:


FLOWSYS Denomination is an easy to use end-user tool for managing denominations inside the FLOWSYS system.


FLOWSYS Authorization is an easy to use end-user tool for handling user and group security inside the FLOWSYS system.


FLOWSYS Trend allows point-and-click graphical representation of various measurands collected during production runs.


FLOWSYS Verification Station (DVS).


This PLAN-PC is a RPM-PC for the standard Flowsys. It is installed in the offices of the production management. From this tool the production can be planned, scheduled and controlled. It has a live screen where every manager can watch the production and control it.


The FLOWSYS Tracker is a tool with graphical overview about the production output capacity. For managers who are used to get fast overview about their production.


The FLOWSYS STR-PC lets you manage the loads in storage. It gives you the information, which loads are in the storage and in which cages the loads are stored.
Specialized management reports Every production organization is different and the management needs management reports or information systems on their personal needs to get different points of view (one time "overlooking", one time in the depth) of what is going on in the production. A multitude numbers of reports or management information systems have been done already on the base the FLOWSYS database in ORACLE offers you.
Integration of old presses
Almost every press after a certain generation can be equipped with FLOWSYS. Only a full saturation with FLOWSYS on every press gives you the important data to overview you whole production and to get the most advantage of your FLOWSYS installation. Talk with the FLOWSYS team about it.
Integration with special equipment
If your additional equipment is used to extend your security (cameras for bundle strips, counting, login mechanism), to enhance quality measuring (like NOTASAFE, INK), to optimize and follow up the production equipment (bar-code reader or chip-reader to identify press equipment), or to integrate production enhancement tools (like ERGOSYS) - FLOWSYS can integrate anything in and around the press. And when it is integrated into the FLOWSYS database you can check all these additional equipment right in front on the desktop in our office.
FLOWSYS integration with MRP
FLOWSYS is indeed a shop-floor controlling system. But what's about the connection to your business MRP system? A shop-floor controlling system has to be integrated too, to receive orders from the MRP system and notify the execution of the shop-floor processes when they are done. FLOWSYS is a open system - with our help you can "import" and "export" orders.


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