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FLOWSYS® Description: Strong room (SAFE)


The FLOWSYS - Strong Room Application (SAFE)


The FLOWSYS STR-PC lets you manage the loads in storage. It gives you the information, which loads are in the storage and in which cages the loads are stored.


You can manipulate the following items:

  • Manipulate the load head data like amount of the loads (good/bad/produced/unproduced sheets, load text) - this is for general usage especially with FLOWSYS Level 1.
  • Manipulate the contents of a load: Manipulate the sheets in a load - change status and move sheets to other loads. (this is a FLOWSYS Level 2 feature)
  • The manipulation of storage of the load lets you change the cages in which the loads are (this is for both levels). There is a certain set of cages which is unique. One load can be stored in one or more cages and one cage can content one or more loads

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