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FLOWSYS®· Description: PLAN


The FLOWSYS Production Planing Tool


This PLAN-PC is a RPM-PC for the standard Flowsys. It is installed in the offices of the production management. From this tool the production can be planned, scheduled and controlled. It has a live screen where every manager can watch the production and control it.


The overview show presses in the production as icons. The following manipulations can be done now:

By choosing a date you will see:

  • the utilization of a press on that day with a little bar on the icon and
  • a list of loads which are „free" this day

You can take a load from the storage (by drag and drop) and

  • assign (drop) this load to a press (following has to be checked with this function:
    • Is enough „work-time" free on this press for this day?
    • Is this load ready to be sent on this day to this press?
    • Has all the necessary production steps done before?
  • If these checks are okay the load becomes part of the „work-down-list". This „work-down-list" planning queue is known production wide.

Every DCS can pick up it's daily workload and work on it. You get the status of the load production live an the screen of the planning tool. So you never gone miss any detail in the production.


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