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FLOWSYS® Description: FLOWSYS Verification System (DVS)


The FLOWSYS Verification System (DVS)


The FLOWSYS Verification Station (DVS) is designed to increase the accuracy of the sheet accountability process. Although the need for and roles of the Final Verifier and Currency Controller remain unchanged, the system minimizes many common errors that occur as they prepare the following forms during their normal duties:

  • Product Processing Accountability Report (load report including the entries of)

  • Blind Count Form

  • Mutilation Record


The FLOWSYS Verification Station (DVS) an extension of the press' Flowsys subsystem:

  1. Reduces errors by:
    a) Eliminating handwritten entries on all aforementioned forms:
    b) Automatically transcribing values to all forms after it is entered once; and making all necessary calculations.
    c) Alerting the Currency Controller / Final Verifier when the number of the necessary counters entered by both parties don't agree with one another; and when the ending muts for a given load is one or more sheets greater than or 100 sheets fewer than the number of sheets directed to delivery pile 3.

  2. Prints a hardcopy of the Product Processing Accountability Report, Blind Count Form, Mutilation Record at the Final Verifier's discretion

  3. Maintains a chronological Event Log of all actions for troubleshooting & discrepancy purposes.

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