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FLOWSYS® is a totally integrated software solution for production control, data acquisition, management information and data mining applications for the security printing industry.

Developed by Real Time Solutions of America Inc. FLOWSYS® is currently the only totally integrated production and security management system for currency presses worldwide. Among many other features FLOWSYS® provides real-time tracking of loads and even individual sheets as they are being processed.

Full integration of the security printing equipment with back-end systems and the wide range of Microsoft Office products enables FLOWSYS® to provide real-time access to production information at your fingertips. With FLOWSYS® you can put your presses into your spreadsheets in an instant.

FLOWSYS® consists of a variety of modules for easy data retrieval and reporting.

FLOWSYS® licenses can directly be obtained from Real Time Solutions of America Inc. via this licensing page.

FLOWSYS® - Customized solutions are offered by Real Time Solutions of America Inc. for customers who want more than just the standard product.

Real Time Solutions of America Inc. can offer a wide range of services due to the experience and expertise of its founders in the security printing industry, which dates back to 1990.



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