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Our Customers

Our customers are major corporations that rely on our technology, services and expertise in the real-time field for their products and projects. Our core technology RTA - Real Time Architecture is often integral part of their international products. Our services, know-how and our 17 years experience in the automation field are valuable ingredients that guarantee the success of projects.

Companies like ABB and KBA-GIORI for instance trust in our technology and experience for their world-wide products and services in the printing industry.

ABB is using our technology in their product MPS730, a newspaper press console that features page- and press-oriented operation, presetting of the press to help minimize waste, detailed press layouts and information to speed up makeready, reports for evaluating production, and open interfaces to allow integration with the newspaper’s network. In the Unites States MPS730 is for instance installed in all 17 Wall Street Journal printing plants of Dow Jones, in the New York Daily News and others. For Dow Jones it was a remarkable milestone when on October 22, 1995 the Wall Street Journal ran for the first time in history a full color advertisement for Cadillac - thanks to our technology. Our printing press consoles are fully Integrated into the Dow Jones network, even via satellite, to receive and process information in real-time.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, KBA-GIORI S.A. is a global supplier of security printing systems serving the worldwide banknote printing industry. Today the banknotes of more than 175 countries are produced using equipment from KBA-GIORI S.A. Printing presses from KBA-GIORI S.A. come equipped with FLOWSYS™, which was developed by us and is currently the only totally integrated production and security management system for currency presses worldwide.


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