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RTA is a tool that allows for rapid development of real-time applications in standard environments e.g. WindowsNT or UNIX in conjunction with SQL databases (ORACLE). Applications based on RTAŠ are capable of handling extremely high data acquisition and processing rates, like for example required in a printing press console, even when the applications have to maintain data in the relational database.

Based on RTA numerous software products are installed in the newspaper and security printing market worldwide as well as in other industries. With RTA we meet the demands of clients who want to combine standard technology with high processing power as required in real-time environments. A typical configuration for a printing press console for instance would be

  • Operating system WindowsNT (NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP)
  • ORACLE Database with RTA specific real-time interface
  • Enterprise network (TCP/IP) and press real-time network (ARCNET) interfaces and drivers
  • Data logging subsystem (historical time driven and real-time event driven)
  • Open architecture for interfacing to Management Information Systems (all information in SQL tables, KPI processing with PL/SQL)
  • Redundancy management - RTA based clients (e.g. press consoles) can keep running without interruption and data loss even if the connection to the back-end is lost


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