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FLOWSYS® - RTS Consulting for FLOWSYS

Preliminary Consultations

Before you get to the step to start establishing FLOWSYS® in your production you should know what you are up to. The preliminary consultations can help you with that process. Even before you are thinking about deciding to start with CISP (Computer Integrated Security Printing).
It is most crucial to sit together with experienced FLOWSYS consultants and developers to get sure about your goals and to match your needs against the great advantages FLOWSYS® has to offer.
These consultations will be done by FLOWSYS® consultants on-site and usually create the following output:

  • Specification of network layout / hardware (if you use one)
  • Specification of the server hardware (if you use one)
  • Project and action plan for establishing FLOWSYS®
  • Specification of your customized FLOWSYS® usage

Establishing FLOWSYS

To establish FLOWSYS® isn't very hard to do. But you should be conscious that you are doing it the first time. Actually every new customer is doing it once, the very first time. Doing it one time only - the first time. Because once established you just hook on it and extend your network.
Real Time Solutions lets you know the possibilities you got and takes you along all the necessary steps. Starting by analyzing your kind of reports and data to control the production, analyze your needs and translate it into the FLOWSYS® architecture. This is a preliminary examination before the installation can start.
During the installation time the FLOWSYS® Consultation Center builds a project management team together with you to optimize the project duration and your satisfaction with the results.
Right after the installation the FLOWSYS® Consultation Center creates a training program with you to make sure that all installed applications are well understood and used properly. But not only the training is important. Now something starts what we call implementation of customized needs, where your management, your production personal and your IT staff will be working together to get the best out of all the data you will get from your production. The FLOWSYS® Consultation Center supervises this important step.


Consulting FLOWSYS integration / IT consulting

When FLOWSYS is once established there might questions coming up regarding integration of FLOWSYS data into the customers IT structure. If the offered training are not enough Real Time Solutions offers also free consulting on daily bases to help the customer IT professionals understanding the FLOWSYS data flow and data structure.

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