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STEP 1: Understanding the Real Time Database (RtDB)

Imagine we got something like an industrial process to control. A process could be a manufacturing machine, a steel-mill or a power-grid. But it could also be a railroad security system or a computer aided dispatching system. All these processes have one thing in common - if worse comes to worse there could be thousands of messages arriving per second. Of course not as a regular load but in special situations. Then thousands of messages, signals or technically spoken telegrams, are arriving at the control station and need to be processed. No need to say that this type of processing cannot be handled directly in a relational database.

But does this mean that these systems cannot incorporate relational databases?

Of course THEY CAN - by using a memory resident shared real-time database that is synchronized with the ORACLE database - the Real Time Database (RtDB).

RtDB is sitting between the process and the relational database making sure that the process can handle database operations timely while at the same time synchronizing all data with Oracle. You can think of it as a cache between the process and Oracle, but it is of course much more sophisticated.

For an inside look how RtDB works please check out our Tech Description to see an example.


How can my application use these features?


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