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STEP 2: Putting the full power of RTA into your application

With RtVars - Real Time Variables you are able to use the power of RTA in your applications. RtVars are Real Time Variables that can be accessed using Visual Studio program languages like Visual Basic (via ActiveX components) or Visual-C (via DLLs). In addition we have developed a special even-driven real-time language called RtPL. RtPL is a BASIC like programming language that was primarily developed for applications that want to take full advantage of RtVars allowing the definition of ECA (Event Condition Action) rules to describe the process.

RtVars provide not only access to data in the RtDB but also to operating system information (environment, timers etc.) and many other data sources. With a special development kit customer specific RtVars can be implemented allowing transparent and simple use of otherwise complex data access and manipulation routines.

RtVars can be active or passive. Active RtVars allow for external triggers to be activated whenever the value of the RtVars changes. Due to that a system based on RTA is mainly event-driven. This allows for instance for hot-reconfiguration of applications

Of course event-driven systems are tricky as events can fire at any time. We are aware of that problem and hence defined specific data types in RTA in order to ensure efficient data flow and data consistency in the event-driven environment.


What types of data does RTA define?


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