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FLOWSYS® - Maintenance contracts

Service Maintenance Contract

Once FLOWSYS is established well and is up and running you should be able lean back and do what you are supposed to do: to concentrate on the printing process. Therefore it's important that you can be sure that the FLOWSYS is running properly all the time, the databases are optimized to run fast enough for you and the whole FLOWSYS employment is without any headache.

FLOWSYS - Service Maintenance contracts feature three different levels of contracts:

  • System Maintenance Contract (SMC)
  • Product Update Contract (PUC)
  • Release Update Contract (RUC)



System Maintenance Contract (SMC)

The following services are provided with a System Maintenance Contract:

  • guaranteed response time
  • scheduled on-site visit
  • support hours pool

Guaranteed response time
RTS will provide two e-mail addresses that customer personal can use for maintenance requests. As long as requests are always send to both e-mail addresses, RTS will respond to such requests during 24 hours on business days. The response will be done via e-mail if possible. If an e-mail response is not possible or does not appear to be appropriate, then RTS will respond via fax, phone or modem.

Scheduled on-site visit
One on-site visit of an RTS engineer will be done per year. The visit will be three businesses days (8 hours per day). All travel expenses are included with the scheduled on-site visit. The work done during a visit will usually be

  • one day of system maintenance and system tuning
    this includes checks for abnormal system behavior in order to detect hardware problems, checks to detect attempts to break into the system, housekeeping, checking the Oracle database space requirements and adjustment of parameters if necessary, check of FlowSys application operations
  • one day of administrative support and assistance
    Q&A for the system administrators, assistance and support for all kinds of administrative tasks that relate to or have effects on the FlowSys system.
  • one day of consulting and training for users
    Q&A for users, specific questions regarding the FlowSys operation can be addressed as well as questions regarding the interoperation of FlowSys with other equipment and also details concerning the FlowSys data structure and data content

Support hours pool
Beyond the 3-day on-site visit there is a pool with a given number of maintenance hours per year available. These pool hours can in general be requested for any of the following kind of maintenance requests:

  • remote assistance for problem and error analysis
  • remote support for system administration

Processing of a posted maintenance request will be started as specified under guaranteed response time and resulting support and assistance will be given remote. Remote means via e-mail, fax, phone or modem depending on whatever method of remote communication is available for the customer and RTS personal at the time the request is being processed. It can also be a combination of the above communication methods depending on what seems most appropriate for the case.


Product Update Contract (PUC)

Under a PUC RTS will provide support for the latest available versions of the operating system and Oracle database. When new versions / updates (e.g. service packs, patches etc.) for the operating system or the database are commercially available, RTS will after a reasonable time (which is required for development) provide support for the new versions for all products covered under a PUC. For products not covered under a PUC RTS cannot guarantee forward compatibility.


Release Update Contract (RUC)

Under a RUC RTS will provide and install all product enhancements and improvements as well as all new product developments free of charge as soon as those new products are available. Available means completely documented, tested and released for shipment to customer sites.


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