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FLOWSYS® - Installation of FLOWSYS

Installation of STANDALONE FLOWSYS Level 1

The important keyword is: STANDALONE.

Why this is important? A standalone version means we can define very exactly all the parameters before we need to install the system. We are talking about a standard press. And there are no influences of existing customer computer architectures or networks. Further - the applications getting installed are easy to use and don't need a high IT knowledge.

With all the data RTS knows in advance we generate a FLOWSYS installation key. The necessary two CD's are in the possession of KBA-GIORI and KBA. This is a self-installing CD, which installs all the necessary programs and data definitions.

Because this is a self-installing CD - everybody is able to put this CD into the FLOWSYS computer and install the system. This can be done already for the FIT, and be tested with the FIT at KBA.

RTS is NOT necessary on site to install FLOWSYS!


Installation of SERVER FLOWSYS Versions Level 1 and Level 2

The important keyword here is: SERVER.

A server version means that one or more presses are connected to a database server via the customer LAN.

The SERVER version has a lot of influence of existing customer computer networks AND the applications getting need a high IT knowledge to use or to explain them. The server computer has to be installed also - and this installation of the database is always customer specific, because every press has it's own ORACLE database user. These users have press dependent tables, available only for the specific press, but have ORACLE-VIEWS to a global ORACLE user for tables, which are shared for all presses as well (e.g. load tables). These views are clearly dependent which production line the customer has under FLOWSYS.

RTS is necessary on site to set-up the SERVER-VERSION!

We will set-up the global database, to re-link the press computers to this global database and to install all the other management PC's!


FLOWSYS Installation - Onsite project management

The project management on-site is slightly different to a global project management at home. At the customer site you are facing in most cases different problems, which never occur on the white paper in the office.

We have to build a local project team, consisting of customer management (when decisions have to be done), customer employees (like system administrator, electrical engineers) and people from the FLOWSYS team. The job of this team is to plan the installation, take the installation through, train the users and get the installation to a definitive end by signing an acceptance protocol.

RTS offers to make this On-Site-Project management and takes all the responsibility, because we think we can do this in a more efficient way. We have many years of on-site experience with Flowsys and security printing machines and we know very well what problems can occur on-site.


FLOWSYS Customer Training

RTS calls it the FLOWSYS Academy where we offer the customers "In-house-Trainings" . You find there a dozen of training. Please check the menu for the training.

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